Episode 10: Night of the Living Dead

The tribe stumbles through cemeteries and hides in a farmhouse for a discussion on cultural hegemony, ghouls, classic gender roles, meat-eating, and Sigmund Freud. So slam your car into neutral and start boarding up the windows while listening to Catie and Marissa discuss how these ghouls upset the status quo in George A. Romero’s 1968 seminal horror classic, Night of the Living Dead.

Episode 8: Rosemary’s Baby

The tribe reads too many books for their delicate feminine minds and moves into a high-rise apartment to discuss paranoia, Catholicism, systems of control and (much to Marissa’s delight) the patriarchy! So, don your tannis root necklaces and get your Vidal Sassoon on while listening to Catie and Marissa discuss horror realism and perceptual control in 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby.