Welcome to the Horror Tribe.

Consider us your witch doctors. We’re here to give you your shots.

This podcast is dedicated to the analytical, philosophical, ideological, socio-cultural, and sometimes illogical analysis of horror film. Horror has a storied history of breaking boundaries and broken minds, inspired by the the real anxieties that surround the time in which they were created. An exercise in artistic interpretation, Mise En Scream is a deep dive through the voids, the outer limits, the sunken places, the hell gates, the dreamscapes, and the phantasmagoria to the other side – where real world and fantasy meet in our minds.

The thesis is simple: watching horror allows us to deal with real world fear in a fractured, unreal way. But why? How? What does each film tap into that makes it one of the richest and most captivating genres in history?

Have a listen while Catie and Marissa work their way through the reasons why horror films scare the hell out of us, and why they are ultimately necessary for society. Each podcast will reveal a different film’s history and theory, and introduce new ideas into what goes on in our minds when we watch horror cinema.

Get ready for your thrill inoculations. You’re gonna need ’em.