About Us

Catie and Marissa met during the Baltimore Monster Con, where they immediately bonded over horror movie trivia, G Tom Mac shows, and some adult beverages. They have been friends and podcast partners ever since.

Catie is a screenwriter and film scholar from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has worked on horror film scripts and in television before settling her damn self down to focus on horror film theory. 

Needing to make a living, Catie works in the health and wellness industry focusing on athletic recovery, and also supports small businesses with their social media marketing. She has a terror of a cat named Creature, who will happily be making guest appearances on some of the M.E.S. episodes.

Marissa is the executive producer of The Jersey Ghouls podcast and horror studio. Some of her critiques have been published on Horror Geek Life and other news sites. She is a proud judge for Women in Horror Film Festival as well as The Philadelphia Indie Short Film Festival.

During the daylight hours, Marissa cultivates her alter ego: a mild-mannered high school counselor and literature teacher. She enjoys spending time with her daughters, who will one day raise a little hell of their own.

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